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Venables Hawgs 62 mm

The Venables will help you tackle rocks, cracks and any other unfortunate obstacles that might halt a smaller size wheel.
Powerslides will remain smooth as ever and flatspots will be a thing of the past.
Add this to your big-boy cruiser board and go hit the town!

Adam Yates Pro Hawgs 70 mm

After two years of extensive testing, our team couldn’t be more stoked to see this ultimate lipped freeride wheel come to life.
The “Dawg Hawg” can accomplish just about everything.
Cruising, carving, racing or freeriding, the Adam Yates wheel has got you covered

Aqua Hawgs 85 mm

Aqua Hawgs 85 mm
Special concepute pentru mai multa aderenta si tractiune pe asfalt ud.

Biggie Hawgs 70 mm

Biggie Hawgs are the go-to wheel for many of our racers. With the FSU core, these wheels have great acceleration out of corners, ample grip and roll speed. Centerset with a wide contact patch makes these wheels grip like a vice, but still break out into a smooth and predictable slide. If you’re skating fast, technical runs, then Biggie Hawgs should be your number one choice.

Duro 76a 78a 80a

Biggie Hawgs 73 mm

Biggie Hawgs provide great meaty width and are compatible with most top-mount and low-clearance setups.
With our high-rebound formula, in 76a grey, 78a blue and 80a white, these will grip in the most demanding situations but will break out smooth for predrifts and check slides.

Boss Hawgs 70 mm

Meet the bossest Hawgs in town.
Stoneground and centerset, Boss Hawgs have a ridiculously smooth and predictable slide while leaving lines of pure, unsalted butter.
The wide FSU core distributes your weight evenly across the surface of the wheel ensuring a more consistent wear.
If you want a sick freeride wheel right down to the core, get on some Boss Hawgs now!
Available in Rare 76a (blue), Medium Rare 78a (red) and Well Done 80a (grey).

Chubby Hawgs 60 mm

The Chubbies may be small but they can be a big upgrade for your skateboard.
Their offset alignment and stone-ground finish give you a comfortable ride with optimal grip for quick/tight turns.
Duro: 78a 

Cordova Hawgs 57 mm

Whether if you're in skatepark, ditch, or street spot, this wheel will get the job done.
Primo grip on slippery surfaces and flatspot resistant urethane makes for a solid wheel that everybody needs in their quiver.

Fatty Hawgs 63 mm

Fatty Hawgs 63 mm

Iata acum o roata care se potriveste aproape oriunde. Fatty Hawgs au fost create cu gandulla cruising dar s-au dovedit de fapt bune pentru orice tip de skating. La 63mm, cu o amprenta de contact destul de lata, ele sunt foarte rapide. Pune-le pe placa si "carveaza" usor. Fatty-urile sunt potrivite pentru orice fel de teren, accidentat sau lin si pot oferi chiar si niste slide-uri "grase si zemoase"!

Mini Monster Hawgs 70 mm

Grip and rip! Fast, agile and ideal for most downhill and cruising/carving setups.
Mini Monsters are grippy, yet slide consistently if you’re throwing your board sideways.

Mini Zombie Hawgs 70 mm

Available in 5 durometers to suit any riding style or terrain; the Mini Zombie features a stone-ground finish and an offset core, resulting in a smooth slide and predictable hook-up.
So if going fast and doing slides is your thing, or you’re just carving the hills, the Mini Zombie will provide you with the most enjoyable ride. 

Monster Hawgs 76 mm

At 76mm tall, these Hawgs have the momentum to roll fast and keep on truckin’.
Their height also means there is more urethane to keep the ride smooth on rougher roads.
Monsters will steamroll down any hill and keep your speed while cruising the flats.

Sector 9 Lumithane 67 mm

Our new Lumithane Wheels feature Glow in the Dark Urethane that is charged by sunlight during the day and by 4 Blacklight (UV) LED lights while you ride at night.

Sector 9 Race 72 mm

Wide contact patch for grip and beefy lips for roll speed.
New racers favorite suited for all courses.

Sector 9 Top Shelf 72 mm

Just because it's not Race Formula of Shredthane doesn't mean it's not high quality urethane.
In fact our Nineball formula is preferred by certain team members for sliding and freeriding action.
All our wheels are made in the USA, built to last a long time, and perform to the highest standards.

Sector 9 Top Shelf 74 mm

Just because it's not Race Formula of Shredthane doesn't mean it's not high quality urethane.
In fact our Nineball formula is preferred by certain team members for sliding and freeriding action.
All our wheels are made in the USA, built to last a long time, and perform to the highest standards.

Tracers Hawgs 67 mm

Trace every corner with thick thane lines on this center set Freeride wheel.
Tracer Hawgs are a 67mm, 78a wheel which features freeride specific urethane for long predictable slides.
Tracers are available in 5 color options so you can mix and match your setup or run one solid color.

Venom Curb Stompers 61 mm

New 61 mm Venom Curb Stompers put the same great 'thane as Tweakers and Cannibals in a sweet new shape.
This new stoneground wheel is perfect for easy technical slides and cruiser boards while it's smaller size makes it easy to ollie too.
They fit great on double-kicks and are available in both 82A and 90A.

Venom Thug Life 64 mm

Big enough to roll smoothly over cracks and rocks, light enough to ollie, and stone-ground for a smooth slide, they are obviously the best longboard wheels ever made, ever....whether you put ‘em on your longboard for maximum freeride steezability or a cruiser board for hella big airs.

Zombie Hawgs 76 mm

The Zombies have finally risen. Reborn from all the freeride wheels we've killed the Zombie is 100% deadly.
Built on a large 42mm injection molded core Zombie's roll super quick, ideal for hunting down useless humans.
The newest member of the Hawgs family is truely sideset with the inner edge of the bearing perfectly aligned with the inner edge of the wheel.


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